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Fusing emerging obsessions with objects of desire

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Wet Shaving

We have grown accustomed to modern shaving standards, such as blade quartets, crappy shaving foams, unsatisfying results and overpriced tags.

Apparently, time came to abandon the herds and start shaving like an alpha male.

Holding the pole of a double razor and inhaling the whirling sandalwood smells that burst out of the cream jar, will have anyone wonder what kind of conspiracy convinced mankind it ever needed anything more than a single blade to maintain a facade as smooth as cashmere.
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Light Trapping

Once upon a time, immortalizing and preserving memories of one's youth and loved ones, used to be categorized under "matters of utmost importance". People would buy cameras; films; run back and forth to processing labs; make photo albums; cut slides and arrange presentations.

While the hard part of it is nowadays over, all we've managed to come down to, is battalions of duck-faced selfie posers and grownups who rely solely on cellphones for shooting and storing the precious memories of their family life.

This is a homage to the instruments that proudly escort us through our life's best moments. Because first and foremost we're suckers for nostalgia.
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Wheels & Memories

It must have happened sometime during the second grade of high school, within a blink of a young girl's eye.

Bikes were no longer a cool way to move around the neighborhood, and females made sure to clear this out to the males of our age. The older boys were moving around with motorcycles or cars.

And that was it.
My beloved Skyway Streetbeat 1988 that had a multiplied (3x) price tag compared to the rest of the bikes in the shop, would be rotting in my back yard ever since...
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Grow Your Own

Renting an apartment with a completely undeveloped backyard, automatically made the to-do list lengthier by one entry: The construction of a beautiful garden from scratch.

Which, better be clarified straight ahead, is apples when planning and oranges when doing.

The Hidden Cellar attempts a logic-defying explanation of how tête-à-têtes with worms and snails, black hands, declaring eternal war to weeds and rolling furious 95dB mowers, can become a guaranteed path to tranquility.
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Open Air Cinemas

Two speakers.
Scratches on the film emulsion.
Flower scents.
Uncomfortable chairs.
Grannies that predict Hitchcock plots.

Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. Cary Grant. Peter O' Toole.

Upon summer’s ignition, park the nerdy friends on the recalling seats of a 3D multiplex and treat yourself in a magical old movie that is projected in a beautiful garden (or roof) near you.
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Black Panthers

As far back as our mind can stretch, we never recall ourselves being "cat people”.

Pet-wise, we traditionally leaned towards owning a dog; still, the urban environment acted as a permanent firewall against taking the responsibility to have one.

Until we moved in a new apartment and threw the windows wide in the morning.
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