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Only a surfer knows the feeling

“My whole life is this escape; my whole life is this wave I drop into, set the whole thing up, pull off a bottom turn, pull up into it, and shoot for my life, going for broke man. And behind me all the shit goes over my back: the screaming parents, teachers, the police, priests, politicians, they're all going over the falls into the reef. And when it starts to close out I pull out and go down the back, catch another wave and do the same goddamned thing again.”

Miki Dora, “Da Cat”, Legend.

“Sometimes in the morning, when it's a good surf, I go out there and I don't feel like it's a bad world.”

Karry Mullis, Chemist, Nobel Prize Winner.

“All it takes is one wave. Not even that. One turn, just a moment. That keeps pulling you back for another moment. And it never ends…”

Gerry Lopez, Pipeline Master, Hawaii.

Best Wave Forecast Around
Courtesy of the
Atmospheric Modeling & Weather Forecasting Group
(University of Athens, GR)

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Important note: Hours are displayed in UTC. Local time = UTC+2 during winter (Nov-Mar), UTC+3 during summer (Apr-Oct).

Athens (Vouliagmeni)

SouthWest Peloponnese (Lagouvardos)

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Parga (Lygia)

Ikaria (Armenistis)

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