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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the jungle.

In a locale where both leisure time and its associated activities are penalized as shameful disposal of productive time, it has grown seemingly impossible to invoke time-proven formulas as effective balancers of individual’s lives, without risking to be instantly reduced to a nostalgic of pastime mirages.

Rowing against the rivers of sterile scholasticism and sheer rationalism, this website is an ode to activities that flood stomachs with butterflies as well as objects equipped with this rare quality that makes people want to relate to them. Beware though, for this is no consumerist fast-food. The menu includes a fine assortment of delicacies such as:

Departure gates.
Snow flakes.
Jazz on Sundays.
Glass waves.
Late-night stay-awakes.
Cat tails.
Camera frames.
Sentimental excavates.

Use the top menu, shift to overdrive; the joybahn is endless.

Good Vibrations,
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